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Winter event

Winter event

You can enjoy a winter full of experience with us. Even if there is not a lot of snow.

There are two different types of people. Those who love winter and those who don`t. In our offer you can find a lot of unconventional activities. Thanks to them you will for sure forget about the freezing weather.

It will be a pleasure for us to help you how to combine the activities. All of them are funny whether you choose some of the traditional, adrenaline or climbing ones

In winter offer there are activities which can teach you a lot. To look for an object in the avalanche or to set the fire is definitely not that easy as you thought

Our winter offer includes:
  • climbing activities
  • „search“and educational activities
  • adrenaline and riding activities
  • traditional and funny activities
  • screen-plays with the themes (Survival camp, Arctic Circle, Winter at reeve`s etc.)

    We prepare the outdoor and indoor teambulding activities with the whole service.