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Paniq room

Paniq room

Escape from a room is an adventurous game in which you have to solve complex tasks and the time is ticking… tic-tock, tic-tock. Team of 2 to 5 players is locked in a room and it is their task to find a way out. They have only 60 minutes for it. By logical thinking, mutual cooperation and communication they are trying to solve various puzzles, decipher codes, solve riddles, look for connection between things in the room and get to the key, which will get them out of the room. Elapsed time will only increase stress and tension and you won’t know until the very last minute if you found a way out.

  • lockable space with two keys
We secure the Paniq Room completely, including:
  • installation
  • operation
Price : depends on difficulty of the installation, for more information contact : info@mutton.sk

Price is without VAT and transport. For more information call +421 915 874 120

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