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Are you looking for relaxation and fun for your emploees? Or do you want to improve their team work through specific team building games? We absolutely know what you are looking for! We love to arrange activities full of unforgottable, funny or even adrenaline experience.

We know that outdoor sport activities are very prospering for a team. Rafting, for example, strenghtens the team while paintball is great for the ability of anticipation and collaboration

Specific team building games offer many initiatives and better image about the functioning of the team. Become a manager of traditional crafts, build the highest tower or protecting suit for an flying egg, argue and negotiate for your life.While playing the games you can observe not only your favourite part but also the one of your colleagues.

Experienced instructors take care of the sport activities while professional animators deal with the whole process of specific team building games

Teambuilding is great for:
  • welcome of new emploees
  • improvement of the team attitudes
  • fun for everyone