We offer hovercraft-type HP Scat USA, which allows ride on any surface (grass, water, snow, ice, etc.), but the obstacles in the way shall not be higher than 18 cm and obliquely slope less than 30 degrees, but in principle true – the larger the area the greater the driving experience.

What about a brake? Hovercraft does not have brakes. This fact certainly raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. After the regular briefing, hovercraft is completly prepared for each client itself. It is necessary to provide a suitable surface (and land owners consent).

Prices – Hovercraft
Up to 4 hours € 830

Price does not include VAT, and it added the need to transport: 0,4 € / km VAT

Persons under 15 may attend only drive with a parent or with an instructor

Technical information

     – Two-stroke aircraft engine with a power of 40 hp and a maximum speed of 80 km / h      – Flight height 15/20 cm      – The service is realized only on the grassy surface      – Can pass barriers up to 18cm      – Slope availability of about 30 degrees      – Length 3.4 m, width 1.9 m, height 1.3 m      – Weight 130 kg      – Crew 1 pilot / passenger option is limited due to the limitation of consequential performance of the hovercraft


What we have realized

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