Rafting Dunajec

Rafting Dunajec

Rafting on Dunajec is unconventional tourism in the National Park Pieniny from the water surface, where the boat can meet large waves. Looking at the Three Crowns from the water level is certainly an unforgettable experience.

Dunajec certainly offers the greatest experience of water tourism in Slovakia. Even the biggest waves can be handled with easy.

Dunajec – Basic Facts

Target Audience: All ages, there is no need for experience with rafting.

Difficulty: Low

Lengh of the weir: 11 km and approx. 20 km (part is in Poland) Rafting sections:

  • Červený kláštor – Lesnica
  • Sromowce Wyzne – Kroscienko n. Dunajcem (in Poland)

Shipping: If necessary, we can also arrange road transport for large groups.

Price list – 25EUR/1Person

Prices depend on the number of people


What we have realized

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