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We will arrange your event completely. We ensure tables and chairs according to your needs. There are round, corner and beer sets of tables in our offer. Except those you can find there also elegant stand by. We provide table clothes and decoration. Plus you can choose from many types of chairs. For more information about the „party tents“ please click on:https://www.mutton.sk/…nstva-stany/

Offer of tables and chairs:
  • Beer set (2 pieces: beer benches and tables) á 10 EUR
  • Stand by tables á 10 EUR
  • Stand by tables with table cloth á 14 EUR
  • Bistro tables á 10 EUR
  • Aluminic bistro chairs á 4 EUR
  • Plastic tables á 3 EUR
  • Plastic chairs á 1,60 EUR
The rent of chairs and tables service is ensured completely:
  • assembly+disas­sembly
  • transport
  • Prices do not include VAT and transport.*

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