Inflatable arch

Inflatable arch

Air arch (Air gate), is an ideal billboard where you can place the advertising banners.Thanks to its huge size it attracts attention of all passer-by.

The Air arch is suitable as
  • a gateway
  • a gate indicating the start or the finish
  • a trailer for trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Area indication
  • Roadshow – great trailer
  • etc.
Technical data of Air arch
Width 10,0 m
Height 7,0 m
Diameter 1,6 m
Weight 60kg
Implementing conditions
  • The weights full of sand are placed to the feet of the Arch.
  • The Arch is fixed with ropes (e.g. to signs, to column etc.). Another option is to fix the Arch with pins into the ground.
  • In a case that there is not a place for fixing the Arch, we use mobile weights.
The Air arch-size of advertisement
2 x Banner „A“ (top) 4,0 m x 1,22 m
4 x Banner „B“ (foot) 1,5 m x 1,5 m

The advertising banner is attached with velcro where the rough side of the velcro is placed on the banner.

If necessary,the banner can be made-to-measure. We recommend to stich the velcro because the sticking is not stable and due to sunlight the connections are lost.


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