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Krňačky sleds

Krňačky sleds
Tags: Teambuliding Zimné Outdoor

Watch oooooooout! In the past, Krňačky sleds used to be of help in woods, today they are excellent racing equipment. They were brought over from the Tyrol to make the work of our wood cutters easier and to take you down the hill. Will you be brave enough to go on this long-tradition adrenaline ride?

Activity Krňačky sleds cover:
  • outpost and track signing
  • instructor commentary (on history and technique of racing)
  • sleds
  • stopwatch
  • animator
  • suitable terrain
Krňačky sleds 250 €
  • Excl. VAT and freight. Rental price: up to 4 hours*

Photo source: https://bit.ly/1fbe7c2, author: Vincent Cibula

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